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How to: Lead in the 21st Century. The Infinite Game. With Simon Sinek.


Two years ago Simon Sinek became an Internet sensation talking about millennials in the workplace. Now the legendary business thinker is back to answer a question at the heart of 21st century leadership: how can we win a game that has no end?

Simon Sinek’s Start With Why concept changed the face of modern business. Over 35 million people have watched his TED talk on how great leaders inspire everyone to take action, and millions more have read his books Find Your Why and Leaders Eat Last. In 2016, his insightful analysis of millennials at work was seen by more than 200 million people in the first month alone.

Now Simon joins the How To: Academy to present his latest insights. He’ll explore the paradox of how we, as leaders, can hope to win at business: a game with no finish line and no agreed upon rules or metrics.

The simple answer is: we can’t. There is no such thing as “winning business.” It’s impossible to “be number one,” “be the best” or “beat our competition.” In this Infinite Game, there is only ahead and behind. Leaders of organizations must understand the rules of the Infinite Game. Failure to do so dramatically increases the chance that they will set themselves on a path that eventually drains them of the will and resources to play at all. Eventually they will drop out of the game and no one will care. Their competition will just keep playing without them.

In this talk, Simon explores how understanding the rules of the Infinite Game is essential if any leader wants to stay ahead and outlast any competitor…forever.

By joining us next February you’ll gain an advantage over the competition by hearing Simon’s new theories four months ahead of the release of his new book. When The Infinite Game is published in June 2019 we’ll send you a copy in the post – included in the event ticket price.